Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I find the list of job openings?

Go to the job link by clicking here. It will take you to the list of jobs for the Corporate Headquarters, Stores, and the Distribution Centers. You can search for positions by keyword, job type, or location. 

How do I apply for a job?

For all positions, you may apply online by clicking here. You can complete job searches and apply online by creating a profile.

I applied online.
How long does it normally take to be contacted after I apply?

You will receive an automated acknowledgement upon completing the online process. The length of time to review all applications varies by position. Should your qualifications meet our current needs, you will be contacted by a Big Lots Team Member.  

I didn't find a job that matches my interests.
How can I stay informed of future openings?

By going to, you can click the Job Alerts button to enter your email address, career interests, and location. Based on your preference selections you will be emailed with job alerts.

Do you have part-time jobs?

We offer part-time positions in stores. We also hire seasonal associates during the holiday season.

What is the minimum age requirement for working in the Stores?

Big Lots associates must be at least 16 years of age.

I've worked for Big Lots before. How do I reapply?

Thank you for your interest in returning to Big Lots! If you were employed with Big Lots September 2015 or after you already have a profile set up in our system. Click here to complete a job search and to apply for a position. At the login screen, enter your user name as your old Associate ID. You may need to reset your password if you have not logged into this profile previously.

Who can I contact if I have questions after my interview?

For Store positions, please contact the Store Leader that conducted your interview. For the Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Center positions, please contact your recruiter or Human Resources.


Account Questions

Why should I create a profile/account?

To be formally considered for a position at Big Lots, we ask that you officially apply for the role(s) that fit your interest and experience by clicking here. As you apply to a position, you will be setting up a profile. This will allow you to log in and apply to additional positions more easily.

I forgot my Password. How do I reset it?

Please ensure that you have the most updated internet browser version.  We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox

Log In

Click "Sign In" option at the top right of your screen

Click on "Forget your password"

Enter your User Name and Email Address

Follow the directions in the email by clicking on the link in the email and entering User Name and Access Code provided

In the final screen, enter your Access Code again, enter your Personalized Password, and re-enter Personalized Password

I forgot my User Name. How do I find it?

Please ensure that you have the most updated internet browser version. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox.

Log In

Click “Sign In” option at the top right of your screen

Enter your Email Address used to create your profile

Click Validate

Your User Name will appear on the screen

I am a new user and want to create a profile. Why does the system say a record already exists under the User Name I selected?

If you click on New User and, while creating a user name and password, the system gives you an error message that says “a valid record already exists under this User Name,” it means that someone already has an account under the User Name you are trying to create. Or, you created a profile with that User Name and you don't remember your Password. We recommend creating a unique user name that includes both letters and numbers. User Names must be 4-32 characters long and cannot contains spaces.

I am having trouble getting past the Work History portion of my Secondary Pass Application. What do I need to do?

Please ensure that you are completing the Secondary Pass Application on a desktop or laptop.

In most cases you might be having trouble with this section because of the way the Country and State were filled in on each of your Work Experiences. To fix, remove all information in the Country and State fields. Next, click on the word “Search” to the right of the field. When looking up Country, in the keyword section, enter United States and click “Search.” You will receive a list to choose from. Make your selection. When looking up State, in the keyword section, enter your State and click “Search.” You will receive a list to choose from. Make your selection.

Remember you will need to do this for each one of your Work Experiences you have listed in your application.

How do I unsubscribe to job posting email notifications?

You'll need to log in to your account, click on My Account Options at the top of the Job Search tab, scroll to the Correspondence section and click “Edit.” Uncheck the “send an email notification whenever a new position matching this profile becomes available” box and click “Save.” Your email preferences will now be updated.